Dish #2: Chicken Curry

Tonight I spent nearly 2 hours with this recipe.  I’m sure that it’s not supposed to take that long once you’re a pro, but I’m still at the beginner’s stage of going slow with painstaking care so as to get it right.  I used one package of chicken breasts, but made at least 5 servings (intentionally – my mother-in-law said to make extra because it tastes better the next day, after the meat has absorbed the spices). 

Recipes on the web:

My version had chicken, potatoes, tomatoes and onions in it, and was super good.  I will admit that I put too much red chili powder, making it borderline painful for me and just right for my husband.  I also cooked some organic brown basmati rice that was the perfect complement for this dish. 

Dish #2 = success, though next time I have to remove my portion before going heavy on the chili powder.



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2 responses to “Dish #2: Chicken Curry

  1. I remember a dinner given by some of our college friends from Pakistan. Curry cauliflower. I had to excuse myself and sat in the bathroom – my stomach in such pain. I had no idea those spices could create such havoc. My Swedish upbringing of salt and pepper thoroughly tested.

    Grew to love the food and now handle the spice much better. Although I do prefer a mix of flavors and not an overpowering.

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