Homemade Kathi Rolls

I looove kathi rolls, and so does my husband. I never thought it would be something I could make at home!

Before I made Mattar Paneer, my husband bought some ready-made paneer from the Indian store just in case. Fortunately, my dish came out well, so we still had an entire package of paneer to use up. A few nights ago, I didn’t feel like intense cooking, so I sauteed onions and peppers with ginger garlic paste, then added the cubed paneer and sabji masala (the veggie masala I mentioned in an earlier post).  I wrapped it all in whole wheat chapatis and added mint chutney.  Perfect!

The excellent thing is that we can still have kathi rolls without feeling guilty about it. When you buy them from a restaurant or street vendor, they are extremely greasy. I didn’t use any oil beyond the small amount of olive oil I used to saute the veggies and paneer.


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  1. Indian Vegetarian Recipes

    delicious looking kathi roll

    Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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