Dish #3: Gobi Mattar

Tonight I tried my mother-in-law’s Aloo Gobi recipe.  We had a lot of potatoes in our chicken curry (which yielded leftovers for many days and meals), so I decided to just make Gobi Mattar without the potatoes this time.  I was worried for a while that it wasn’t going to come out right, but it did.  (Should I not be jinxing this lucky streak?  Well, I guess I can’t call it luck so much as really good recipes.)

Recipes from the web:

I’m starting to see that the key to Indian cooking is not only the spices – though they are key – but also the ginger and garlic.  I use a ginger garlic paste so I don’t have to do all of the chopping.  All of the vegetables keep me really busy chopping already.

I also made Channa Masala, though I just used a can of chickpeas, a fresh onion and a masala mix from the store.  I get less props for that, I know.  But still… a good dinner overall!


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