Desi Cookbooks

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who can just “whip something up” without instructions (note: I am not), your food is only as good as your recipes.  I am fortunate to have excellent, authentic recipes coming from my mother-in-law every so often, and – good news! – she has permitted me to share them on this blog.  Yet for those times when I want to make something without bothering her, or something she doesn’t traditionally make, I’ll need a cookbook.  As I discussed in my last post, my beautiful pink one with the woodcut Taj Mahal on front isn’t cutting it.

This week was pretty hectic for me and so I didn’t cook at all, but I did take some time to scan Indian cookbooks on the internet.  Below are the top ones I found.  I will admit that, not having read any of these, that I judged them on the basis of reader reviews and having author names that are Indian.

There are many, many  more but I just had to stop!  🙂  I think I should start borrowing these from the library, testing out the recipes and reviewing them here.  Does anyone have any experience with one of these, or a different Indian cookbook, that they’d like to share?




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2 responses to “Desi Cookbooks

  1. joe

    Funny – I just saw the cover of the cookbook you have now, its the same one Jen and I have at home !

  2. From Marshall’s? 🙂

    Am I giving it a bad rap? Is it good after all? Let me know which recipes you’ve tried.

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