Getting there…

I haven’t been cooking for a long while, hence the lack of posts. I am proud of myself though, because tonight I whipped up some paneer kathi rolls and channa masala in less than 1 hour. The true sign of an up and coming cook – not taking 3 hours for a simple recipe. Score!

My husband and I are thinking about taking the 28-day Vegan Challenge as a way to break the dependency on animal products and jumpstart our fitness. Indian food lends itself quite well to veganism – you can avoid meat and dairy if you try. So stay tuned for some new recipes!


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2 responses to “Getting there…

  1. joe

    Vegan challenge, good for both of you ! Nice – Samantha is now a vegan, the whole house would be vegetarian except that Reilly really eats nothing but grilled cheese or chicken.

    Hope you guys are doing well – regards to all please. Xoxo

  2. April

    Is Samantha really a vegan? I didn’t know that.

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