Changing the Way We Eat

My husband and I are officially doing the 28-day vegan challenge made popular by Dr. Oz

Week 1: Detox

This week your body will be detoxing from the animal products it’s used to. Start adding protein to your diet from sources other than meat. This includes nuts, seeds and beans. Vegans should take a multivitamin and B12 supplement to ensure they are getting enough protein.

I am planning to make another dal masur this week to cover the bean component.  I am also looking at making some of the vegan recipes in Cuisines of India.  Tonight, my husband made some aloo gobi.

Something like this is a huge change from the way we are used to eating.  Why such a change?  I think my husband and I have both been meaning to eat better for a long time, but it never seems to happen.  A major change like this can really point us in the right direction.  We may not be vegans for life, but we will have broken the addiction to animal products and made ourselves much healthier in only 4 weeks.  I’m really excited about the possibilities!


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