Dish #11 – Sabzi Ka Korma

You know me, I can’t resist my kormas.  After over-cinnamoning my Royal Chicken Korma, I decided to give it another crack.  “Indian Cooking” had a recipe for Cauliflower, Eggplant and Green Bean Korma, or Sabzi Ka Korma, which means “korma of vegetables.”  A simple swap of soy milk for heavy cream made this recipe vegan – yay!  I made it without the eggplant since we have been eating leftover baigan bharta all week.

Kormas are so yummy – creamy, nutty and sweet with cinnamon and cardamom.

Recipes from the web:

Korma came to India through the Mughals, who invaded from Persia in the 16th century.  They brought some amazing dishes, and “Mughlai” cuisine has very much become an integral part of Indian food.  According to “Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors”, even the British had their impact on korma:

“Indian cooks gradually altered and simplified their recipes to suit British tastes.  For example, Lucknavi quaramas were transformed into Anglo-Indian ‘quoremas’ or ‘kormas,’ which were different in substance as well as name.  A ‘thirty-five years’ resident’ of India who wrote an Indian cookery book explained that korma ‘without exception, is one of the richest of Hindoostanee curries, but it is quite unsuited to European taste, if made according to the original recipe.’  He gave both the original and a diluted British version of the curry.  The latter greatly reduced the amount of ghee [butter] and yogurt, as well as the aromatic spices such as the cloves and cardamom.  It omitted the cream altogether and, instead, produced a more generic curry sauce by adding coriander, ginger and peppercorns which were basic ingredients in a British curry.”

The book excerpts those two recipes from pre-1900 The Indian Cookery Book and it looks like the version I made is a combination of the two – still has all of the great ingredients from the original, but does add in cinnamon and ginger.

What are you cooking this weekend?


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  1. Joe

    Looks Delicous !!

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