Dish #12 – Palak Tofu

This is a very exciting blog post to write!  Beyond completing the 28-day vegan challenge, my husband and I decided to stick with our veganness.  Fortunately, Indian food is one of the easiest cuisines to make vegan.  There is very little dairy, and where there is, it can easily be replaced with tofu or soy yogurt.  Mmm!

Tonight I cooked Palak Tofu, our new alternative to Palak Paneer.  I didn’t quite know how it would turn out.  The last time I was a vegetarian, 6 years ago, I tried cooking tofu in an Asian stirfry at home.  It crumbled and tasted like crap.  I never made it again.  After having had a poor experience with spinach (as I wrote about here), I wasn’t feeling too optimistic.  But I was hopeful.

Miracle of miracles – the palak tofu came out amazing!

Spinach is chock full of iron, calcium and other great vitamins.  According to Wikipedia:

Spinach is thought to have originated in ancient Persia (modern Iran and neighboring countries). Arab traders carried spinach into India…

I used this recipe at Indian Palak “Paneer” (Spinach and Tofu), but I made a few modifications.  First, I used my sister-in-law’s recommendation for keeping the tofu firm and together.  I drained it, set it on some paper towels and rubbed ginger garlic paste on it.  I then cut it into cubes and, leaving it on the paper towels, put sliced onions on top of it.  I let it sit that way for about half an hour.

When I sauteed the tofu, I put in some diced onions even though the recipe didn’t call for onions (that seemed odd to me).  Beyond that, I swapped chicken masala for curry powder and vegenaise for yogurt.  Voila!  Yummy!

How do you cook your tofu?




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3 responses to “Dish #12 – Palak Tofu

  1. Al Catasus

    In Chinese markets there are two kinds of tofu, the soft kind for soups and the firm kind for stir frying. Buying the right tofu would help, but I must say, the treatment you learned from your sister-in-law sounds intriguing. Even if it were to do nothing for the firmness, it sounds like a heavenly addition to the flavor. Tofu is a blank canvas. It’s what you do to it that counts.

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