Dish #13 – Curried Green Beans

Tonight I wanted to cook something quick and easy, but new and low-carb.  I found this recipe for Curried Green Beans online and tried it out.  Voila!  So yummy!

I never liked green beans as a child, but that’s probably because I had only had them steamed with butter.  My husband likes them and has sauteed them with spices several times.  Yum!  He hasn’t, to my recollection, used Indian spices on them, so I was excited to try this.  In addition to curry powder, I added sabzi masala.  It was delicious.

Here are some other green bean recipes I’ve found on the web:

I also followed my mother-in-law’s dal masur recipe, but used yellow dal for the first time (instead of orange).  I put enough chili powder to make it a little spicy and, in my opinion, a little more interesting.  (I’m not big on lentils.)

In other news:

  • Next week I’m hosting craft night with friends, and my homemade desi cooking will make a guest appearance.  Stay tuned for a post with pics!
  • My in-laws are visiting us in August.  Can you say brand new recipes?



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  1. I absolutely love your blog!

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