Introducing the Eat Cheat Series

Maybe you’re ambitious (like me) – you buy cookbooks, you take cooking lessons, you start your own blog and overlook your failures just so you can keep trying new things.

On the other hand, maybe you’re lazy (like me) – you pick up takeout, you order in, you make your spouse do the cooking because you’re tired from your workday/the kitchen is daunting/you can’t boil water/insert-excuse-here.

Yes friends, I do vacillate between both worlds (though I spend a hell of a lot more time in the lazy one) so I understand that some nights, you just don’t want to cook.

But your New Year’s resolution is to eat out less to save money, or to cook at home so you know what exactly you’re eating and you know that it’s nutritious.  And it’s only January 20th!  What a bummer for you, then.

But wait!

I like a good cheat.  I like a good quick fix.  How about recipes that can just be thrown together so that you did, in fact, cook but that it didn’t take you four hours?

Last January, my resolution was to learn how to cook Indian food.  I think I fulfilled that to the best of my ability. I generally know my way around some main dishes, provided the recipe is still open in my email somewhere.

This January, I have a new resolution – to cook.

It’s easy to have a cooking blog when you post once a month!  🙂  It’s easy to buy a bunch of groceries because you’re going to “eat in” for the week and then watch them go bad in your refrigerator.

This year, I’m going to actually cook at home.  I’m not coming up with numbers (x meals a week, x times a day) but my goal is to increase my in-house or home-cooked consumption considerably.  For all of those reasons you’re thinking.  And probably a few more.

But I am still lazy.  That hasn’t changed just because it’s January.  So I introduce to you: The Eat Cheat Series

I was a kid who never cheated on a test, but I have cheated on plenty of diets, so I know a thing or two.  These blog posts are going to feature fast, easy recipes that anyone can do, sans training, time and willpower.

I will still do regular, effort-full recipes too.  But probably more of these – I mean, let’s be realistic.

Hoping you follow along and enjoy it.


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