Dish #20 – IKEA Vegetable Medallions

Cooking is not always fun. Sometimes it is, but other times it just feels like a chore. I like to play music while I cook to make it a bit more fun. You know what else helps? Cooking with friends!

One of my nearest and dearest friends came over the other night. She wanted to try making IKEA Vegetable Medallions. This confused me because I have never been to IKEA and thought that they only made furniture, but my friend informed me that they also serve food and they’ve got some good medallion action going on.

We followed a recipe that we found online at Gratinee: Musings on Food and Culture (what a cool theme for a blog).  She sat on one of my bar stools at the kitchenette counter and we caught up while I peeled potatoes.  Prosecco added a nice touch to the evening (that makes cooking more fun too!).

The medallions came out pretty good, although I found them a little bland.  That might be from getting my palate used to spicy Indian food all the time now.  We had a bit of the mix left over and I put hot sauce in it before baking it up.  I also dipped it in tamarind chutney before eating. (What has this beautiful subcontinent done to me?!)

What I liked about this snack is that it is almost all vegetable.  It tastes sort of like quiche but there’s no flour.  The bulk of what’s keeping it together is potatoes, eggs and some bread crumb.

Note: It’s vegetarian but not vegan.  I am now self-identifying as vegetarian with vegan tendencies.  About 70% vegan.

My friend was kind enough to make her classic guava and cheese empanadas before she left!  This is not her recipe, but I found one online for you all.  She can likely correct me as needed 🙂

Happy group cooking!  What are you and your friends cooking up this week?


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