Dish #21 – Chana Masala with Curried Cashew Couscous

Cooking night is starting to become a regular thing with my aforementioned friend.  Last night we turned it into cooking-slash-craft night, and it was awesome!  It’s amazing how having a friend sitting by, chatting with you, makes cooking easier and more fun.

This time we made curried cashew couscous, a recipe from Vegan Express by Nava Atlas.  I am a HUGE fan of Nava Atlas’ The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet, so when my husband and I went vegan, I had to check out her vegan cookbook.  I’ve been wanting to make the couscous dish and it is recommended to serve it with an Indian dish like chana masala, so I made both.  I followed this super easy recipe from Serious Eats.

While the chana masala was not bad, the couscous was very much the show-stealer.  I didn’t even use the fragrant nut oil, and I’m sure you can improvise with ingredients based on what you have.  You can serve it with anything you like, too – chicken, fish or other vegetable dishes.  Despite the curry powder, I don’t believe you have to serve with Indian dishes only.

Super yum and super quick.  Very little actual cooking involved!


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One response to “Dish #21 – Chana Masala with Curried Cashew Couscous

  1. This looks delicious! You make me want to get back into my kitchen woman. 🙂

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