NY Times: Tell Us Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat

Since this blog has become primarily vegetarian and vegan, I found the new contest by the NY Times particularly interesting and wanted to share it with you:

Ethically speaking, vegetables get all the glory. In recent years, vegetarians — and to an even greater degree vegans, their hard-core inner circle — have dominated the discussion about the ethics of eating. […] In response, those who love meat have had surprisingly little to say. They say, of course, that, well, they love meat or that meat is deeply ingrained in our habit or culture or cuisine or that it’s nutritious or that it’s just part of the natural order. […] Few have tried to answer the fundamental ethical issue: Whether it is right to eat animals in the first place, at least when human survival is not at stake.

So today we announce a nationwide contest for the omnivorous readers of The New York Times. We invite you to make the strongest possible case for this most basic of daily practices. […] So get thinking. And get writing. You have two weeks and 600 words in which to make sense of our species’ entire dietary history. Bon appétit!

Meat-eaters, would you considering entering this contest? What do you think about the central question – is it ethical to eat meat or just something we enjoy and are used to?

*Note: I don’t post this question in judgment of meat-eaters – I do occasionally cheat on my veg ideals, though I hate to admit it.  But I am definitely interested in the debate from both sides.


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