Summer Time!

I don’t know about you folks, but for us here in the northeast U.S.A., summer has ARRIVED.  It’s hard to cook in this heat. I’m loathe to put the oven on. It’s been a lot of salads and sandwiches for us lately.  So it’s going to take some creativity to maintain my homemaking reputation through the summer. It occurred to me today that my interesting iced tea concoctions should count in this department. So here they are:

Here’s what I’ve been making lately:

  • Masala iced tea (shown). Even better with soymilk and sugar. Kind of tastes like Thai iced tea that you get in Thai restaurants – it’s iced tea with a kick.  I make it with masala tea bags from our local Indian store, but you can make your own too.
  • Iced green tea with honey.
  • Iced passion tea with organic sugar.
  • Iced (Lipton) tea with a fresh lemon slice.

Here are some recipes I’d like to try:

What are you chilling out with these days?


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