Dish #26 – Curry-Roasted New Potatoes

Did anyone else catch Julie and Julia on TV yesterday? We were at the gym so I got to catch a bit on the elliptical machine. Love that movie. (It helps to have a nerd crush on Stanley Tucci, who narrated Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Championsand Meryl Streep is phenomenal.) Loved the book too.

I’ve been going through all of the vegan cookbooks I checked out from the library and finding recipes to try. This one seemed really easy and involved ingredients I already had. In fact, I had a bag of small new potatoes that weren’t going to last much longer anyway, so it was a perfect time to roast them!

Curry-Roasted New Potatoes

*I didn’t make the chutney because we always have chutney in my house (woohoo!).

Do you eat Aloo Chaat?  That’s what this tasted like. My husband loves chaat so it was a home run.


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