Acid Alkaline Diet

I’ve been reading up on Alkaline diets recently. Some people say that it’s a crock, but my stomach has not gotten along with acidic foods for years so it makes perfect sense to me. During a recent rather severe bout, I started reading up. The belief is that your body suffers from having a PH imbalance, so you need the right combination of alkaline (80%) and acidic (20%) foods. Can you guess which foods are acidic and therefore not good for you? That’s right – coffee, chocolate, meat, dairy, and everything else remotely tasty! šŸ™‚ The Alkaline Sisters (great name) have put together a food chart for us: Alkaline Foods Chart

My doctor has been trying to get me off coffee for a long time with little success. Did you know that coffee, as well as alcohol and cigarettes,Ā burn in your stomach for 48 hours? I didn’t either.

I’m only sharing this as part of my culinary journey, and you can expect some alkaline recipes coming soon. Fortunately, it fits rather well with my vegan lifestyle except that I love Indian food (spicy), coffee, chocolate, wine and desserts. So… going to have to figureĀ thatĀ part out.

This is an awesome video that lays it all out for you:


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