You Are Not A Bad Person, Or, Use a Mix

It’s better to make things from scratch. I wholeheartedly agree with this. However, sometimes you just gotta take the easy way out. And I am being easier on myself in this regard.

I just made a batch of 16 pumpkin muffins. I used a mix from Trader Joe’s containing good ingredients that I can pronounce. I added good ingredients to the mix. And now I have breakfast for God knows how long.

I truly believe in eating real food and getting away from packaged, processed stuff. But cooking at home is hard. With a job, or kids, or whatever particular life you have… it’s HARD. And while cooking and baking from scratch is ideal, sometimes cutting corners is necessary. I’d rather eat a muffin I made at home with a mix than one from a chain bakery or supermarket, because you never really know what’s in those.

So go easy on yourself, and eat up!





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2 responses to “You Are Not A Bad Person, Or, Use a Mix

  1. Hi, I was just lurking and came across your blog. I 100% agree with you on your thoughts on not eating the supermarket bought goodies and baking them at home with simple ingredients. Dislike those weird sounding ingredients that go into those packaged foods. BTW those pumpkin muffins look really good!

  2. Very delayed response but thanks, poojagrocks!

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